Could mediation help you resolve a messy IP dispute?

Are you mired in a bitter dispute over your company’s intellectual property? You may need to go through mediation to resolve it.

Every business wants to protect its intellectual property and reserve the right to make a living off of it. Whether it's patenting a new invention, copyrighting a piece of written work or trade marking a design, any of the above can make it far easier for companies to ensure a steady profit.

If you have an interpersonal conflict involving intellectual property law in Australia, it can be difficult to resolve.

There's a potential problem, though – what if someone disputes your company's right to its IP? What if they allege that an invention isn't yours, or that a design isn't novel enough to stand alone with a new trade mark? In arguments like this, it might be wise to bring in a mediator who can help resolve the disagreement as peacefully as possible.

Mediation can resolve many disputes

If you end up in an interpersonal conflict involving intellectual property law in Australia, it can be difficult to resolve at first. If the two sides are very far apart, bridging the gap isn't likely to be easy.

According to IP Australia, though, the mediation process is highly likely to be effective. In Australia, 70 per cent of IP disagreements are resolved when an outside party comes in to listen to both sides' concerns and help them find an agreement in the middle. This is a simpler, more peaceful way to resolve a problem than going to court.

Working with capable people

Resolving disputes over IP is much easier when you have capable people on your side who are able to help. This begins with a good mediator. The Queensland State Government notes that a mediator should be someone who's willing to remain impartial, listen to both sides of the dispute and help them both look for common ground.

Work with capable legal minds to resolve your IP issues.Work with capable legal minds to resolve your IP issues.

In addition, a good lawyer can also be an important asset to have in such situations. If you can connect with a patent attorney in Australia, you can get assistance with compiling all the documentation you need to prove your case and justify your control of your intellectual property.

We can help at Alder IP

Resolving IP disputes isn't always easy, but it certainly helps when you have legal minds who can help you sort out the messy logistics involved. At Alder IP, we have a staff of copyright lawyers in Sydney who have seen these situations many times before and know how to handle them.

In the long run, you want your business to achieve licensing and commercialisation success, and you need total control of your IP to make that happen. Talk to our team today about how you can establish that control once and for all.