Company Secretarial Assistance

Alder IP can also provide company secretarial assistance for companies. There is a critical need for startup companies to increase their levels of corporate governance to increase their chances of successfully securing investor capital.

Alder IP has helped many companies upgrade their systems to bring them into compliance with various levels. Specifically, we can assist in due diligence preparations for ASX listing events. Alternatively, we can make sure that your company has measures in place to look after stakeholders, and shareholders.

Also Alder IP can review and assist your company to check that it has the appropriate levels of control over its own systems and policies. These systems and policies are often required by new investors and shareholders as good corporate governance measures significantly reduce the likelihood of failure of your business.

We regularly work with board and executive management to help them meet their regulatory requirements under the Corporations Act.

Currently, many companies are unsure as to their obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW). Alder IP can assist your company to implement the necessary policies to reduce the risks.