Intellectual Property Lawyers

Alder IP is a full-service Intellectual Property (IP) practice with an innovative approach to legal disputes. We offer IP Management and registration services relating to patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, domain name disputes and plant breeders’ rights across New South Wales, Victoria, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, ACT, Queensland and New Zealand.

We utilise a global network of lawyers and attorneys to manage IP applications for our clients both locally and abroad, as well as providing comprehensive IP search services and research advice. With a fresh approach to intellectual property in Australia, we deliver the results you need and go the extra mile to do what’s right.

IP Lawyers for Patents

Patents are a legally enforceable way of protecting great ideas and innovations. A patent gives its owner the legally enforceable right to exclude other people from using or commercialising their invention or innovation. A patent protects the functionality of our invention.

Our intellectual property lawyers can assist in drafting, filing, prosecuting and maintaining patents and patent applications. Patents must be filed in each country in which they are sought and Alder IP can manage this process through its global network to provide the results for its clients. We can assist with either standard or innovation patents.

IP Lawyers for Trade Marks

Trade marks are used to distinguish a business’s goods and services from other traders and third parties, bestowing a limited monopoly over the mark. A trade mark can be a name, logo, slogan, graphic design or even aspect of packaging. A registered trade mark gives a legally enforceable right to commercially use, license or sell goods and services that it is registered under, and applicants can extend their trade mark overseas through the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Our intellectual property lawyers develop effective protection strategies in relation to all types of trade mark, and can assist in pursuing or resolving disputes over any trade mark’s use, non-use or conflict with an existing property.

IP Lawyers for Copyright

Copyright protects information or ideas, often expressed through the written word, music and visual mediums like film and television. However, copyright can include any broadcast or consumed product.

You do not need to register a copyright in Australia, but our intellectual property attorneys can assist with the registration process at the US Copyright Office for international work. We can also assist with pursuing copyright infringements locally and establishing clear grounds for infringement in a disputed case.

IP Lawyers for Registered Designs

If your product has a distinctive or new visual appearance or construction and will be put to industrial or commercial use, you may need to secure a registered design to protect it. A registered design prevents others from copying the physical makeup of your property.

The intellectual property lawyers at Alder IP can help you with any relevant issues under the Designs Act 2003.

IP Lawyers for Domain Name Disputes

Alder IP’s lawyers can manage domain name arbitrations or disputes through either the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) or Australian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (auDRP).

Domain name dispute mechanisms cover top level (gTDL) and country code (ccTDL) domain name. These systems are a cheaper and faster alternative to the regular court system and provide more reliable outcomes for the complainants.

IP Lawyers for Plant Breeders’ Rights

Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) give the applicant exclusive commercial license to use brand new or distinctly unique types of plant they create. This includes rights to distribution, sales, royalties and production of said plant breed.

If you believe someone has infringed on your PBR, the intellectual property lawyers at Alder IP can determine a suitable outcome under the Plant Breeders’ Rights Act 1994.

With experience across the full spectrum of intellectual property legal issues in Australia, Alder IP can assist you no matter what the issue is. To find out more about your product, service or potential case, please contact our team.