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Australian patent law is a combination of legislation, regulations and common law that is geared towards granting (and protecting) a temporary monopoly on the use of an device, substance, method or process. Having a patent on your new invention, as administered by government agency IP Australia, means only you can commercialise the invention. If someone else copies or steals your invention, you can use your patent to defend your rights to the profits and other benefits that come from being the original creator.

The procedures involved in obtaining a patent may be familiar to those with experience in the research and development sector, but for start-up businesses it can seem complex. Whichever position you’re working from, Alder IP can help you make sense of it all, and ensure that the application process is as efficient as possible.


Trademark law is similarly composed of the Trade Marks Act, the trademark registration process with IP Australia, and precedent cases which should what can or should happen when one business breaches the trademark of another business. The different between a patent and a trademark is that a patent is for the thing itself, while the trademark is what’s used to represent the brand or the product; names, logos, distinguishing marks & stamps, etc.

Whether you believe you need to defend a possible breach, or are preparing for registration of trademark and the associated evidentiary documentation, or just want to find out what your options may be, Alder IP’s trademark attorneys can advise and assist.


Designs protect the shape of 3d article and only have to be new (novel). They are ideal protecting innovations where the functionality is not the main focus but rather aesthetic features are target of the protection.

Alder IP regularly assists client protecting and enforcing designs in Australia and New Zealand and we manage design applications around the world for many clients.

The Alder IP difference

Australian trade mark attorneys and patent attorneys in Sydney are required to be registered with the Professional Standards Board for Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, the official government authority for the subregulation of our profession. Staff at Alder IP include registered patent & trademark attorneys, and skilled lawyers with the background & experience necessary to supply high quality advice to clients in the engineering, medical science and information technology sectors.

We are proud to deliver our expert, specialist services and advice in a fresh new way. Our firm offers individuals and organisations a fixed price quote on each step of commercialising their intellectual property. This makes it easy to budget for protecting what you’ve already put so much time and money into developing. Free initial consultations are also available, to help potential clients understand their legal situation and decide how to proceed.  To enquire or make an appointment, please contact Alder IP on 02 9007 9916