We believe that our top priority is maximise protection of the intellectual property of our clients and to protect their inventions and innovations.

However, we go further than just simply protecting their ideas of our clients. We aim to assist our client commercialise their intellectual property (IP) whether that includes trademarks, designs, patents, know how or trade secrets.

We strive to find the best fit for intellectual property and match it to your business goals and milestones.

We even go further to assist clients to build value in their intellectual property.

About Alder IP

Alder IP was established in 2005. Alder IP is a successful legal practice based in Sydney, Australia specialising in Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Our team of attorneys and lawyers possess a broad range of experience in intellectual property and corporate law.
Alder IP is: a member of IPTA and complies with Patent Attorney Code of Conduct; and a member of the NSW Law Society and complies with the Legal Professionals Act.