Patent Litigation and Trade Mark Litigation

Alder IP are experts in regard to enforcement of intellectual property rights. We can develop strategies to maximise your chances of enforcing your rights in Australia and overseas.

Alder IP will assist you to evaluate the enforcement options and work with you to match the options to your needs.

We specialise in the enforcement of trademarks, designs and patents. In Australia, most intellectual property infringement cases are heard by Federal Court or Feder Circuit Court depending on the matter and value of the infringement.

There are a number of useful and lower cost options not requiring court litigation such as: mediation, arbitration, customs seizures, infringement reporting and international recognised complaint procedures. Additionally, we can file and manage complaints using dispute processing systems with social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and many other platforms.

However, we can also enforce intellectual property rights through the Australian Federal Court and obtain injunctions prohibiting the breaching of your IP rights.