Anthony Lo


Patent Attorney
(Australia/New Zealand)
Trade Mark Attorney
(Australia/New Zealand)


BSc (Adv) (Hons Class 1),

Anthony is a Patent and Trade Mark Attorney working in the areas of life sciences and biotechnology, with special expertise in organic and inorganic chemistry. Anthony has completed a Master Degree in Intellectual Property at University of Technology, Sydney. Anthony also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in chemistry and a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) First Class Honours degree, majoring in chemistry and microbiology, at The University of Sydney (USyd).

Anthony has extensive wet lab and research experience in the manufacture, characterisation and biological testing of diverse organic compounds and metal complexes. In his undergraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral career, he has spearheaded a number of projects relating to cancer chemotherapy, including: the organic synthesis of novel, custom DNA-binding compounds for targeted cleavage of cancer cell DNA; the synthesis of Platinum-Intercalator conjugates to enhance tumour penetration and DNA damage; and the synthesis of Platinum-Peptide conjugates to selectively target cancer cells.

Anthony has also undertaken research in the organic synthesis of a naturally-occurring antimicrobial with limited supply at the Australian National University; and the development of inorganic nonlinear optical materials at USyd. He is also highly proficient in bacterial and mammalian cell culture and microscopy techniques. Anthony’s work has been recognised multiple times by the Agnes Campbell Postgraduate Prize for excellence in organic chemistry.

Anthony routinely assists in filing and prosecuting Design and Trade Mark applications in Australia and overseas. In his capacity as a Patent Attorney, Anthony has also drafted and filed mechanical, software, and chemical composition patents; and he has routinely prosecuted patent applications in Australia and New Zealand for local and overseas clients. Anthony has also provided interpretation, validity and infringement opinions in relation to methods and apparatuses for determining animal relationships, medical technology devices, and airport technology devices.