Design protection can add significant value to your business

If your company has distinctive designs that add to the value of your brand, you’ll want to protect that value by registering your intellectual property.

When you take a quick look around the business world, it's not hard to find examples of companies that have gotten far with their distinct design choices. For example, look at Apple's iPhone design, or Nike with its iconic high-topped basketball shoes. No one would say these companies are successful only because of their designs – but absolutely, design helps. It builds brand recognition and loyalty.

In today's business world, savvy companies know to protect their ownership of the imagery they use.

These designs would be far less valuable if any old imitator could simply steal them and use them for themselves. Luckily, they can't. Why? In two words, design protection. This simple act can go a long way toward making a company more reputable and profitable.

What constitutes a "design," anyway?

If you're wondering whether you have legal grounds to protect your business' design, the answer is probably yes, as design protection in Australia applies to a wide variety of elements. According to IP Australia, a design is anything that includes a distinctive shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation to create a unique appearance.

Once you've protected your design, you have the exclusive right to apply it for any and all industrial or commercial uses. If you want to licence it out or resell it, that option is yours as well.

Your image is crucial to your success

Copyrighting a design choice might not seem like a top priority, but you'd be surprised. In fact, the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science has strongly emphasised that unique designs are important to the long-term success of a brand.

Your design choices are crucial to the success of your business.Your design choices are crucial to the success of your business.

Formally registering your intellectual property might seem in some cases like an unnecessary hassle, but in reality it's a key strategy for protecting your market share and keeping rival businesses from infringing upon your territory.

Protect your property for the long haul

Under intellectual property law in Australia, any design can be registered for copyrighting as long as it is deemed new and distinctive. Chances are, you have several that qualify, even if you don't realise it yet. By getting in touch with Alder IP, you can get them locked down right away.

We have a strong team of copyright lawyers in Sydney who specialise in handling matters like design protection. When you get in touch with us, we'll be more than ready to start the paperwork on reserving your most treasured intellectual property.