Intellectual Property

Alder IP is a full service Intellectual Property (IP) practice offering IP Management and registration services relating to patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, plant breeders rights and trade marks.

We utilise a global network of lawyers and attorneys to manage IP applications for our clients.

We also provide IP searching and research advice.

For any modern business, intellectual property is one of your greatest assets. Intellectual property includes patent, trademarks, designs, copyright and knowhow. Patent Trademark Attorneys Trade Mark Attorney can assist your business in managing intellectual property or any other related task.

They can prosecute intellectual property applications and also manage critical deadlines in Australia and overseas. One of the most important issues facing intellectual property is the failure to meet critical deadlines and dates. Often Inventors fail to understand or note important or critical deadlines and attorneys can help with reminders and making sure that the respective deadlines are met.

They can also assist with macro portfolio IP analysis. This entails looking at the pieces of intellectual property, that your business owns and reviewing your business needs against your portfolio. Sometimes, you might find ways to decrease the size of your intellectual property portfolio or ways to focus on important applications only rather than scattergun solutions to IP management.

They can also provide useful advice about licensing and commercialising intellectual property. Licensing is a technically complex field and your business should obtain professional legal advice before endeavouring on a licensing or assignment strategy for commercialising your intellectual property.

Patent Trademark Attorneys Trade Mark Attorney can review the quality and strength of your intellectual property and identify areas to build or develop with future research or development. They can also provide strategic analysis reports of your competitors and compare your technology to that of your closest competitors. You can even trace the developments and research of your competitors and identify technology trends arising from their research. Experienced patent searchers can be employed under contract to conduct this type of research which can be in any field of technology including pharmaceuticals, electronics, software, medical devices and even low tech mechanical devices such as building products.

More importantly, they can work with your business to help it to reach its goals of commercialisation or licensing success. They typically have the skills and expertise that your business needs to be profitable and to be successful. These skills include contract negotiation, review, and drafting.

Additionally, there are numerous free patent search databases available on the internet which can give free access to the world wide databases of patents. These online archives can be used to the databases of the European Patent Office, Japanese Patent Office, United States Patent Office and the Australian Patent Office (IP Australia).