Your new personal assistant: Apple’s more intelligent Siri

Find out how Apple may have a new and smarter Siri capable of scheduling your meetings, completing your financial transactions and more.

Apple recently published a patent that reveals exciting prospects of making the voice-activated, intelligent assistant Siri have more sophisticated capabilities. Now, Siri may be able to act more like an actual assistant in her abilities to schedule meetings, facilitate financial transactions, provide directions and inform you of pressing news. 

Siri can handle more serious tasks

The patent suggests that with the new and improved iPhone, you won't have to go through the rigamarole of some manual tasks – Siri will do them for you. 

For example, the tech website 9 to 5 Mac explains how the patent application includes an illustration to exemplify how Siri will be able to contribute during iMessage chats when you ask your friend "How long will it take for you to get here?" Siri then checks everyone's location and answers the question. 

Patently Apple writers explain that Siri will also be able to schedule meetings by scanning through everyone's calendars and then providing a list of the best times to meet.

In addition, Patently Apple writers say that the new Siri could simplify transactions between Apple Pay users. She will tell the users what financial transaction options are available to both of them and then they will be able to send the money right away. The automation of these functions will save time and streamline everyday tasks.

A recent Apple fiscal report states that Siri also has the potential to work with more apps and services. 

However, Apple is aware that there may be privacy concerns so they also discuss this in the patent application in great detail. The 9 to 5 Mac website says the automated interactions require touch ID verification to keep you safe from fraud or other threats. You'll also have the chance to decline or approve a request to access data like your calendar and location.

Patents push companies to reach new heights.

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As is always the case, patents are theoretical and this more intelligent Siri may or may not be realised. However, 9 to 5 Mac says that with more voice-activated intelligent assistants emerging from companies like Google and Viv, the competition may motivate Apple to follow through with at least some of the functions of the new and improved Siri.

Apple's Siri shows how patents thrive in the competitive environment and push companies to reach new heights by improving their products. 

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