Why does ‘Tmlink’ help better global trade mark searches?

The world’s first global trade mark database is being developed in Australia. How will this affect Australian businesses, and why is it important?

IP Australia, working alongside national tertiary institutions Swinburne University of Technology and University of Melbourne, are creating an internationally-linked trade mark database called 'TMlink'.

While global trade mark databanks already exist, IP Australia's offering will make it easier for businesses to conduct global searches for trade marks and undergo market research into what kinds are being used. It also allows better access to data on how consumers interact with business trade marks. But how will this affect businesses here in Australia, and why is this database so important?

IP Australia, Swinburne University of Technology and University of Melbourne are creating an internationally trade mark database.

It makes it easier for businesses to research new markets

Access to a central database of information on trade marks worldwide and the markets they operate in is invaluable. Whether a company wants to gather data on prospective new markets or research existing trade marks in a region they want to expand into, it saves time and money to do so through one source.

IP Australia's TMlink paves the way for Australian businesses to conduct global searches on trade mark usage and regional consumer patterns.

Enterprises can use this information to make more effective choices about marketing in new areas. Effectively, this makes it easier for Australian businesses to expand into a global market, backed with hard data that proves using their trade mark will not lead to any legal issues.

Compiling trade marks into a global database has many advantages. Australian businesses will be able to more easily conduct global market research and check for trade mark compliance. 

Decisions on world intellectual property laws could be affected

IP Australia's new database could lead to changes in the existing role of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). An arm of the United Nations, the WIPO currently is mandated to:

  • Provide a forum for discussion on IP policy reforms;
  • Protect IP across borders and resolve international disputes;
  • Enable learning and cooperation between nations about how to use IP for cultural and social development.

A single database source for the world's trade marks could affect the role of the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

A new source for all trade mark information would presumably come under the operations of the WIPO. For Australian businesses, this means an authoritative and single source for information on IP policy changes that could affect them.

IP lawyers in Australia need to be ready

Australian lawyers need to be prepared for changes TMlink could cause. Greater access to overseas trade mark information means more companies could be compelled expand overseas. If you are looking for IP advice, you need to ensure the legal services you use are the very best.

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