Trademark application hints at possible “Pac-Man Maker” game

Discover how a recently filed trademark suggests that there may be a Pac-Man game that allows players to take part in the game’s creation.

On April 18, video game developer Bandai Namco filed a trademark with the European Union Property Office for a a new game called "Pac-Man Maker." This is exciting news for gamers who revel in the idea of being more creative in the way that they play games. 

Find out what may be in store for gamers if this trademark is realised and why trademarks are so important for companies. 

The trademark for Pac-Man 

Part of the Pac-Man brand is its amazing recognisability. People see the little maze and the munching Pac-Man and they feel immediate nostalgia. However, the brand has constantly been innovating, according to NZ Gamer. In the past, they've come up with a game that has endless running as well as ones with  different themes such as Ghostly Adventures or Pac Jungle.

A trade mark is a powerful marketing tool.A trademark is a powerful marketing tool.

Now, Pac-Man players may be able to create their own game. This isn't a totally new idea either. For example, with Super Mario Maker, players were able to construct their own levels and mazes using the logic of the original game. This participatory feature has proved popular because it gives hard-core fans the chance to prove their know-how of the game. 

The trademark for "Pac-Man Maker" is currently under review by the European Union, according to International Business Times. NZ Gamer speculates that word of whether the company will go through with it will come this June.  

The benefits of trademarks  

A trademark can help you promote your goods and services, IP Australia explains.

IP Australia explains that a trademark can be a company's most important means of marketing. Certainly, a name like "Pac-Mac Maker" will immediately catch the attention of gamers who were fans of the "Super Mario Maker" where they could take part in the game's creation. This is how trademarks can help you promote your goods and services, IP Australia explains. 

Plus, if this trademark is realised, it will contribute to Pac-Man's already powerful brand. A major function of the trademark is to maintain brand loyalty. Because the trademark often indicates a distinctive feature or offering about your business or services, it becomes part of your competitive advantage. 

It's important to make sure that you have the right protections in place for your company's trademark. To get expert legal advice on devising a trademark application that will protect your new service or product, contact Alder IP today. Our trademark lawyers will be happy to assist you.