Protect your intellectual property well – both at home and abroad

It’s always important to protect your intellectual property. This is true both for sellers domestically in Australia as well as internationally.

No matter what line of work you're in, you take great pride in your achievements, and you want to be given credit for the products you've created and the business you've built. Unfortunately, this isn't always a sure thing. There will always be consumers looking to latch onto your intellectual property and take it without crediting you – or, perhaps more importantly, compensating you either.

It's hard enough to protect your IP in the domestic marketplace, but that challenge is compounded when you look abroad.

This is an issue both at home in Australia and internationally. It's hard enough to protect your IP in the domestic marketplace, but that challenge is only compounded when you begin to think about selling your products abroad.

However, you shouldn't be deterred from securing your IP rights – instead, discover how obtaining good legal advice can make the task of protecting your IP abroad much less daunting.

Protecting your IP is of vital importance

If you're passionate about seeing your business succeed, it's important to pay close attention to copyright law in Australia and how it affects your business. According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, intellectual property is a vague term in Australia, and a lot of different elements are included. You may be able to reserve the rights to all sorts of unique properties, even including designs, circuit layouts, and plant breeder's rights.

By formally registering any of the above as your company's property, you're able to secure protection so that if anyone infringes on your trade mark, you'll have all the leverage legally.

Turning your attention to overseas markets

Adhering to intellectual property law in Australia is one thing; it's another challenge entirely when you turn your focus abroad. What will happen if you try to export products to other markets and sell abroad?

If you're moving into overseas markets, make sure your IP is safe.If you're moving into overseas markets, make sure your IP is safe.

IP Australia points out that in this situation, it's probably wise to consult with lawyers who have experience working with overseas merchants. The organisation pointed to a case study where a skincare product company was able to make big profits in Japan because it had airtight control over its copyrights there. Before you sell anywhere, you want your product, its name and its slogan to be well protected.

Get the full range of IP legal services

If you ever need assistance resolving a difficult intellectual property issue, be it at home in Australia or abroad, you should find patent lawyers in Sydney who are ready for whatever challenge you're facing.

At Alder IP, we can offer you a full-service IP law practice that's well equipped to handle all sorts of cases. Whether you're ready to take a case to trial or just looking for a bit of friendly advice, we're here to handle all tasks, large or small. Just get in touch.