How to Build Assets that Maximise Cash – Master Concepts Class

Anthony Alder will giving a presentation on differentiating your business through the use of intellectual property and using this differentiation to make money.

The Master Concepts Class is entitled “How to Build Assets that Maximise Cash” and is a joint initiative of Skillsapien and Fishburners.

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How to Build Assets that Maximise Cash –

Master Concepts Class


Come and find out:

  • What to focus on when starting a business
  • How to minimise waste & maximise cash
  • How to leverage assets to raise funding or monetize
  • What are the numbers that matter
  • How to grow the multiples


When:      Monday 29th July, 6:00pm entry; 6:30pm sharp start

Where:     Fishburners

Duration:  2.5 hours, 3 speakers, followed by networking

Cost:        $45 per person




Duration Topic: Presenter:
15 mins –        What to focus on when starting up

–       Case study of a successful start-up

Neil Livingstone –

–       Founding Partner of CFO Advisory and Franchise Advisory

–       Helped dozens of start-ups grow successfully over last 5 years

–       Expert in growing businesses profitably

–       Focuses on getting marketing platforms right then building scalable systems

10 mins Q&A  
15 mins –       Differentiating your business through IP

–       Identifying IP assets

–       Raising capital from IP (private and public)

–    Selling / licensing your assets: strategies and pitfalls

Anthony Alder 

–       Founder of AlderIP

–       Successful IP manager and strategist

–       Helped raise over $500 million for startups in the past 10 years

–       Expert in assisting businesses leverage IP to get funding and grants

–       Qualified lawyer and patent attorney, having served several ASX and NASDAQ-listed companies

10 mins Q&A  
15 mins –       Creating “Cut Through” with your Products or Services

–       Winning New Clients: “Proper” Solution Selling

–       Minimise waste, maximise cash: knowing your ratios

–    Grow the Multiple: don’t accept the industry average

Sean Collins –

–       Senior Strategy Coach with Shirlaws (a global leader in business coaching, operating across Australia, Europe, Americas, ME and Asia)

–       Successful background in Management, Sales, Marketing & business growth with SME’s

–       Over 20 years of extensive experience in the technology arena

–       Experienced in innovation and automation in the SME landscape, bridging the “gap” between technology and business conversations

10 mins Q&A  
20 mins Panel discussion All

Each of these presenters normally charge thousands of dollars a day for their time. On this evening – and exclusively through Skillsapien, they come together to share their decades of experience and secrets of success with the Sydney entrepreneurial community, all for the price of a few beers.

(Note: this class is aimed at mastering the concepts. To fully grasp the concepts for implementation, Skillsapien recommends further exploring our deep-dive training and coaching offerings. For more information, please consult either our structured courses: or make an ad-hoc