How Nintendo Switch patents are attracting public attention

Find out how Nintendo just may have a console equipped with an infrared camera, a motion detector and more.

The new Nintendo Switch shows how patents are capable of firing up the public's imagination. Find out how many different patents they have secured, what everyone is speculating about the new, multi-function console and how all of this publicity about their patents will help Nintendo further down the road.

The compelling Nintendo patents

Patents for Nintendo Switch have got game enthusiasts reeling about the many different and groundbreaking features that may be available. The patents include technology like GPS, motion tracking, a compass, a gyroscope, a touch screen, the ability to project images onto hands or flat surfaces, and image recognition. The gaming and tech website Polygon reports that technology like "gesture input" would allow for a number of interactive possibilities in the game like:

  • Moving an object a screen just by moving your hand 
  • The ability to read the number of fingers you're holding up 
  • The detection of what a player is holding in their hand 

Furthermore, a new promotional video has been released by Nintendo that emphasises how users will be able to detach controllers on either side of the console. Users will also be able to link the game up to a television and it uses a table form factor. None of the gesture control features highlighted in the patents are shown in the trailer, however, which shows that Nintendo may be laying low on promoting that technology for the time being.

It's expected to launch in March 2017. In the meantime, Nintendo's patents will no doubt continue to intrigue us with all of the high tech possibilities.

Patents generate public interest in your product

Keep in mind that patents are not concrete design plans for a new product, but that they do help create enthusiasm for possible features in a product and encourage investment.

Patents can create good publicity and generate interest in your product's commercial potential.

IP Australia gives the example of a patent secured by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) that attracted the attention of investors who decided they wanted to fund the project with AU$1.25 million.

The investment has enabled UTS to start a company called Helmedix, which is now creating therapies for auto immune diseases.  

Patents can thus do so much more than just secure legal rights – they can create good publicity and generate interest in your product's commercial potential. Contact Alder IP to learn more about how patents can help move your product to the market as well as the legal advantages of securing IP rights for your product.