How Apple’s new “stylus” rivals Galaxy Note

Discover how Apple’s new stylus patent has made the idea for a hi-tech pencil that much more exciting.

Apple recently filed a patent, which indicates that they may be creating a pencil to rival the Galaxy Note 8. Find out why this pencil, or stylus, as Apple calls it, could be an improved product and how patents in general can promote innovation and lead to the continual advancement of products. 

The ability to use a pencil with your iPhone 

Apple previously tried to compete with the Galaxy Note with its iPhone 6 Plus in 2014. However, this attempt was largely disappointing, according to Boy Genius Report. But now, a patent application recently published by USPTO has given people suspicions that Apple may be coming up with a new and improved stylus. 

The stylus, the patent application explains, could be used to make a user's interaction with the iPhone better. This patent application is more unique in that the drawings clearly show how the stylus will improve interaction with the iPhone in a variety of ways. Apple indicates that the stylus will help with:

  • Drawing
  • Instant messaging
  • Text entry
  • Photo annotation and tracing
  • Video editing

This is huge news for video editors, photo editors and artists alike. It'll also make everyday tasks like instant messaging that much more fun and entertaining.

Not only that, but the patent also indicates that Apple imagines a special menu pop up on the screen in response to sensors on the stylus. What's more, the stylus could open certain apps from the lock screen – sort of like a magic wand capable of opening certain apps.

How patents promote innovation 

Patents encourage research and development of new and innovative products.

According to Alder IP, patents encourage Australians to continually research and develop new and innovative products. This encourages "the transfer of technology" and delivers the best goods and services to Australian consumers. 

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