Alder IP receives award for patent law

Alder IP has recieved an international award for its work in patent law across Australia, a key aspect in intellectual property protection.

We are pleased to announce that Alder IP has received an award in the 2016 Corporate INTL Magazine Global Awards. Our firm was successfully awarded the 'Patents Law Firm of the Year in Australia' title for 2016.

Patents can help provide protection for a device or substance, whether in the development stage or further down the line. 

What are the Corporate INTL global awards?

The awards are designed to highlight successful firms over the previous 12 months. Corporate INTL explained that this is to showcase excellence in expertise as well as service. The organisation also stated that the annual competition involved independent research of the clients of the various law firms. As such, the best lawyers are chosen for different categories across countries.

Alder IP received the award for its work in patent law, however, the awards also focus on the following:

  • Type and range of services
  • Business type
  • Geographical location
  • Expertise level of the team

Interested in a patent?

The team at Alder IP are experts in patent applications, which is a right given to a device that is new and inventive. By obtaining a patent, you gain all the commercial rights to the item over the lifetime of the patent.

According to IP Australia, the patent application process can be complex. As such, consulting an expert who understands the ins and outs of the law can help simplify the process. Moreover, resubmissions and amendments can prove to be expensive.

One way of protecting your intellectual property is through a provisional patent application. These have a shorter life span and are often utilised in the beginning of a project or when research and development is still underway. Due to the flexible nature of the patent, any changes can be easily made.

Provisional patent applications are often a first step for those looking to protect their design. Further on, a standard application or innovation patent becomes more useful. If you would like advice or assistance in applying for a patent, get in touch with the lawyers at Alder IP.