Month: April 2018

Who owns the copyright for collaborative works?

30 April 2018
When you collaborate with another party on developing some new IP, the question around who will own it always arises. Unfortunately, it hardly ever comes with an easy answer. Co-ownership agreements are an option, but they can bring with them all sorts of headaches. What are some of the alternatives?
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What’s the problem with genericide?

27 April 2018
When a brand name becomes a generic term for all the products in its market, it's a nightmare for the companies that own the IP. Generification of terms represents a tremendous loss of value for companies, and in the worst cases can end up in them losing the legal protections for their IP.
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Are there words you can’t trademark?

23 April 2018
Trademarks are designed to distinguish your products from others on the market. But are there any words that they can't contain? As it happens, there are. Generic terms that don't single out your product from others using that terms are unlikely to be successfully trademarked.
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How can you transfer intellectual property rights?

18 April 2018
When you've got some IP assets in your business that you're no longer able to take advantage of, what can you do? You basically have two options - license the rights out to someone else or sell the IP outright in an assignment deal. What are the details of each and which should you use for your IP.
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Innovation patents live to protect IP another day

06 April 2018
Innovation patents aren't going to leave us just yet! In a surprising move by IP Australia, the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2018 was introduced to Parliament without the section on scrapping the innovation patents system. This is hopeful news for smaller businesses looking to protect their IP.
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What happens when AI creates IP?

05 April 2018
Artificial Intelligence is becoming a greater part of our lives. So far, it's uses have been fairly pedestrian - things like artificial assistants or factory workers. But what happens when AI begins to create? Who - or perhaps what - will own the copyright to their works?
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Four of the world’s most famous trade secrets

03 April 2018
Instead of seeking a patent, companies sometimes decide to keep their inventions a trade secret. That way, they don't have to publicly disclose any information about it, keeping their competitors in the dark. Here are four of the world's best known and famous trade secrets.
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