Month: March 2018

Harry Potter: The boy who lived or clothing brand?

29 March 2018
What happens if you try to register a trademark and find that a huge international entertainment company is also now using the name, and wants to stop you? It sounds far-fetched, but that's exactly what happened to an Australian clothing company labelling some of their clothes with the name 'harry potter'.
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Which of you is “Sydney Zoo”?

19 March 2018
What do you think of when you hear the name "Sydney Zoo"? Chances are, Taronga Zoo in central Sydney comes to mind. Not for long, however. A new zoo in western Sydney is opening with the name "Sydney Zoo", and Taronga is launching a legal battle to stop them from doing so. What's the story?
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“Jesus loves nachos” finally trademarked

14 March 2018
The world of intellectual property is full of funny and slightly bizarre registrations. One of the strangest in recent times is the trademarking of the phrase "Jesus loves nachos". What's the story behind this strange statement of the son of God's taste for Mexican cuisine?
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Alder IP wins internationally prestigious award

01 March 2018
We're incredibly proud to announce that Alder IP has won Corporate INTL's '‘Full Service IP Law Firm of the Year in Australia’. This is an internationally recognised award, and we're glad to see our exceptional service and expertise acknowledged by an independent observer.
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