What is a Solicitor?

A solicitor is a qualified lawyer in Australia. Under Australian law, there are state run institutions that manage the registrations of lawyers. In NSW, the law society of NSW is a society which represents lawyers and solicitors in NSW, Australia.

In NSW, solicitors are required to degrees in law and a second subject (science etc). They also are required to make the necessary work experience requirements and also post graduate diplomas.

Typically, the registration of solicitors is much more codified when compared to patent attorneys in Australia. NSW Solicitors must comply with the Solicitor Rules and Legal Professionals Act (NSW). A lot of codification and restrictions on practicing as a lawyer are connected with the proper and ethically management of client matters.

Solicitors are required to be registered in the jurisdictions or courts that they are operating under (e.g. NSW Supreme Court or Federal High Court of Australia). The formal requirements to be qualified as a solicitor as described on the Law Society’s website.

More details about solicitors are available from the website of the law society.

NSW Law Society